I’m Voting for Breonna Taylor for President, and You Should, Too.

My choice to politicize Breonna Taylor’s murder, because Breonna Taylor’s murder was political.

1) Most of Our Presidential Votes Don’t Count, Especially if You’re Black

If you’re like me and live in one of the 44 states that don’t have a legitimate say in determining the president thanks to the electoral college, you’ll realize that most of our votes are essentially “protest votes” anyway.

Maybe if enough candidates lose by the margin of people voting for Black lives lost to systemic violence they’ll finally do something about it.

2) Dead or Alive, Breonna Taylor is a Better Candidate

There’s no doubt in my mind that Breonna Taylor would be a better president than either of the candidates running this year.

3) I’m Not the Only Person Voting for Breonna Taylor

I’m in a group chat with like 20 Black women organizers and we’re all voting for Breonna Taylor. So are half the people on the #DoneForDiDi reparations team. So is my editor. So is my therapist.

4) Victory is Guaranteed

If organizing has taught me one thing, it’s that we have to define victory on our own terms. Winning an election is not a victory to me. Especially when our elections don’t even follow basic rules, such as, “The person with the most votes wins.”

I refuse to pretend anything about this election is normal.

5) There Are No More Rules

This year’s election is somehow more ridiculous than previous years. There’s a global pandemic. Nearly half the country is unemployed. 40 Million Americans are facing eviction. And our choices for president are between a Nazi rapist and a slightly more subtle Nazi rapist.



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