An Open Letter to the Food Service Workers Who Feed Boston Police

The DiDi Delgado
2 min readFeb 6, 2020

This week, the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association (BPPA) sent a letter to the Boston Teachers Union (BTU), admonishing them for their participation in the highly anticipated “Black Lives Matter at School Week.” The letter claims that Black Lives Matter “inaccurately demonizes” police departments across the country, who kill roughly 1,000 Americans each year. The letter also states that the BLM movement has “made policing more dangerous than ever before,” despite police officer deaths being at near-record lows. Finally, the BPPA took issue with the BTU’s admirable goal of funding more school counselors to help vulnerable students and youth in crisis.

Read the BPPA Letter Below:

As a long time resident of Roxbury and as a Black woman, I want the food service workers who feed Boston cops to know this letter is blatantly spitting in the ingredients of racial justice and the broader fight for Civil Rights. The BPPA is spewing and regurgitating dangerous rhetoric that will potentially contaminate the futures of Black youth in Boston. They’ve metaphorically taken a message of hope and equality, and dropped it on the floor and dragged it across the tiles with their filthy shoes. Then the BPPA repackaged their gross messaging as something savory and served it to us with a smile. So here’s some food for thought: If Boston police are drooling and sneezing all over our rights — hacking right in them when nobody’s looking — we have an obligation to give them their just desserts. And I know I can count on the food service workers of Boston to do just that.


DiDi Delgado, The DiDi Delgado Experience, LLC.