My choice to politicize Breonna Taylor’s murder, because Breonna Taylor’s murder was political.

The psychiatrist was up for parole in mid-Nevuary

Cash-Poor Whites Are Still on the Hook for Services Rendered

If you haven’t seen the latest collaboration between generic white guy “rapper,” Lil’ Dicky, and misogynoirist extraordinaire, Chris Brown, allow me to save you five and a half minutes of your life.

  1. Boring intro where Lil’ Dicky says he’s tired of being pigeonholed as a shitty white rapper, even though he is one.
  2. Chris Brown says he’s stressed out for “always being scrutinized” for being an abusive asshole.
  3. Stereotypical mystical Asian elder…

Misty Knight via Complex and Marvel

Super Mad

In the early morning Sunday hours, amidst the scattered foot traffic of a Chicago O’Hare International Airport corridor, a woman, coffee with cream skin, raven hair, full lips and large doe eyes, stops walking towards her gate. She is wearing black. From head to toe. Her hooded sweatshirt shouts“FLINT LIVES…

A progressive’s guide to fucking shit up in 2018

[Image Description: Liberators push two shopping carts full of televisions from a suspicious and evil looking department store.]

Polk County Sheriff tweets he’ll be checking IDs and barring those with warrants from emergency shelters

I will never forget how you used your power and influence to uphold white supremacy in Boston.

The DiDi Delgado

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